Radical Womanhood ~ Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

Northbrook Women's ConferenceEric Schumacher, a friend of mine, is hosting a conference for women called Radical Womanhood ~ Feminine Faith in a Feminist World with Carolyn McCulley, October 16-17, 2009 at Northbrook Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids.  If you are a woman, then this conference is for you.

Here is the lowdown:

Embracing God’s definition of femininity is a radical choice.

Have you considered how feminist ideals have affected your perception of the role of women? Attend this conference and consider popular ideas of women in the home, workplace, church, and culture, and how these ideas compare to God’s wise and gracious design for women.

Carolyn McCulley, is a former feminist who now accepts the biblical distinctions between men and women. During Friday night and Saturday sessions, she will present material from her recent book – Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World. She describes it as the book she wishes someone had given her when she was a new Christian seeking to understand the Bible’s teachings about womanhood, sexuality, marriage, family, and children.

In an engaging manner, Carolyn will present an insightful overview of the “three waves of feminism,” exploring how feminism has attacked the institutions of marriage and the family and has influenced both contemporary society and the church. In contrast, she will set out the pro-woman message of the Bible and the hope of the Gospel found in Jesus.

Women of all ages and all seasons of life will be challenged as Carolyn encourages them to confront feminist ideology by being radical women and living by God’s design.


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