The Band “Atomic Tom” on their iPhones

I know that there are many of you who like to jokingly give me “grief” about my iPhone 4. LOL. I just received this video of “Atomic Tom” (a band I have never heard of) on a Subway train in New York City. Now all I need is 3 more iPhone 4 users and an amp. LOL! The following is the original article.

Brooklyn’s Atomic Tom iPhone It In During Impromptu Subway Jam

By Lyndsey Parker Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:34pm PDT.

“Talk about better living through technology. Riding the New York City subway system just got a little more pleasant–thanks to a Brooklyn buzz band named Atomic Tom that has taken B Train busking to a whole other level with a handful of iPhones and whole lot of ingenuity.

The band recently had their musical instruments stolen, but in a brilliant lemonade-from-lemons move, that didn’t stop them from jamming. And now, ironically, their iPhone-assisted music has garnered them more attention than their regular recordings ever did, as viral footage of them entertaining subway commuters with their iPhones and a battery-powered portable speaker system, playing their single “Take Me Out,” makes it way around the Web.

This here’s a “phoned-in” performance that actually works.”

Just in case someone would like to know what they are singing, here are the lyrics to Atomic Tom’s “Take Me Out.”

If I was bold enough

I would follow you forever

But darling please

Rescue me take me out

Some may say

It’s my fate

Am I just in time

Or am I late

If you can understand


Take me out

I don’t start I don’t end

I don’t change on my own

Take me out

I don’t lose I don’t win

I don’t do well alone

Love is what we make it

Take my heart and break it

Take me out

I don’t want to stay home

You make me dread

You make me sweat

But can you make

Love mean something instead

Something real make me feel


I don’t want to stay here

I don’t wanna live half my life

And disappear

So if you want to take chances

Take a chance on me

Take me out


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