The Structure of Genesis

On Sunday, October 24, 2010 I promised CHBC that I would publish the structure of the Book of Genesis so that you did not have to worry about writing all these down. Here they are:

What is the structure of Genesis? Literarily, Genesis is structured in what is called toledots (These are the generations of …). Ten times we read, “These are the generations of …

The toledot of the heavens and the earth (2:4 – 4:26)

The toledot of Adam (5:1 – 6:8)

The toledot of Noah (6:9 – 9:28)

The toledot of the sons of Noah (10:1 – 11:9)

The toledot of Shem (11:10 – 26)

The toledot of Terah (11:27 – 25:11)

The toledot of Ishmael (25:12 – 18)

The toledot of Isaac (25:19 – 35:29)

The toledot of Esau (36:1 – 43)

The toledot of Jacob (37:1 – 50:26)

And since Genesis is a piece of divinely inspired literature, this is how we will be looking at Genesis over the next 50 chapters.



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