Questions and Answers

Dear Cedar Heights Baptist Church Family,

In late October 2010, we began an expositional sermon series in the Book of Genesis. Along with you, I have found Genesis to be highly challenging, and wholly humbling. We are now four chapters into the Book of Genesis, but due to our busy schedule at CHBC, we have not had an opportunity to have our Sunday night “question and answer” times that we believe are so important for real life application, and for better grasping of the text.

Based upon the fact that we have received many good questions from individuals at CHBC regarding the sermons in Genesis, and based upon the desire to make those answers more widely available to the people of CHBC, we are going to begin a one-month trial of something new. In addition to our regularly scheduled Sunday night “Q & A” times, I would like to invite you to email or text your questions concerning the Book of Genesis to myself; Pastor Kevin (contact information below). Once your questions are received, the pastoral staff will choose two or three questions to answer each week via video. Then the video will be posted on YouTube, CHBC’s Facebook page, Kevin’s Facebook page, and Kevin’s blog.

If this is going to work, we need your help. We would like the people of CHBC to begin texting and emailing your questions this week (November 28 – December 4). These questions can be related to the current Sunday sermon, or any past sermons in Genesis. As well, these questions can be theological, practical (application), textual, or historical. The more questions we receive the better this process will work.

Disclaimer: If we do not answer your question via video, please do not be discouraged or think that your question was unimportant. We will hold on to your questions and address them in our regularly scheduled Sunday night “Q & A” times.

Kevin Wilkening

Contact Info:

Kevin’s email:

Kevin’s cell: 319-290-2024

P.S. If you have questions, but you do not currently text or email, please drop your written questions in the “church office mailbox” located on the wall in the foyer.



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