Theological Humor For the Holidays

I realize this may only be funny to people who love the study of theology … yet … I could not resist this posting. I laughed out loud at a coffeehouse (insert: people staring at me) watching this video! Then I asked myself, “Who else would like this was funny?” I guess we will see. Enjoy!


6 Responses to “Theological Humor For the Holidays”

  1. Well, I laughed…especially at the arguments regarding Calvinism.

  2. Well, I didn’t know what half of that stuff is, but I still thought it was hilarious!

  3. David Sims Says:

    I am grateful that the God of all aseity would sovereignly ordain by His holy providence to grant my pleasure in the jocularity of theological entities comingled within the fellowship of the chosen viewers!

  4. John & Nichole Says:

    Nice. We’ll need to dig out a book on Systematic Theology to fully appreciate it, but we did laugh out loud!

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