Christ-Centered Worship

If you liked Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, then you are going to love reading Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice. I read this when it first came out in 2009, but it was recently reviewed by Josh Manley at 9Marks, and it does not get better than the 9Marks guys. Here is a teaser from the review.

In his recent book Christ-Centered Worship Bryan Chapell writes, “Worship cannot simply be a matter of arbitrary choice, church tradition, personal preference or cultural appeal. There are foundational truths in the gospel of Christ’s redeeming work that do not change if the gospel is to remain the gospel. So, if our worship structures are to tell this story consistently, then there must be certain aspects of our worship that remain consistent” (85).

If boredom overtakes you before the end of this review and youdon’t finish, I want these three outstanding sentences to remain embedded in your mind. They are the sum and substance of Bryan Chapell’s excellent book Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape our Practice.

I can’t count how many times I have heard a Christian answer the question “How did you like the church you visited?” by saying, “I really did (or didn’t) like the music.” Without realizing it, the person insinuates that what really mattered about the so-called “worship” part of the service was whether or not it suited their musical tastes. Sadly, too many pastors feel an unbiblical pressure to make the music appealing so that the people will be engaged.

Into the midst of such confusion about the basic purpose of corporate worship enters Bryan Chapell, President of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Chapell is not interested in an esoteric, abstract discussion about a topic that’s important for an hour or two every Sunday. Instead, he understands that worship is fundamental to understanding the Scriptures and therefore reality. Worship is at the core of who we as image-bearers are. It’s vital for us to understand it rightly.

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  1. david sims Says:

    thanks…great posts for authentic ministry…

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