Christ in the Old Testament

As I have been preaching through Genesis, two of the most helpful resources on Genesis have been books by Sidney Greidanus; specifically, Preaching Christ from Genesis, and Preaching Christ from the Old Testament.

Reading through Greidanus’ books have reminded me often of the statement by Charles Spurgeon: “Words to an aspiring preacher: Don’t you know young man that from every town, and every village, and every hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road that leads to London? So from every text in Scripture there is a road toward the great metropolis – Christ. And my dear brother, your business is when you get to a text to say, “Now what is the road that leads to Christ?” The sermon cannot do any good unless there is a savor of Christ in it.”

Now The Gospel Coalition has introduced a helpful new project for pastors (and lay people) : Preaching Christ from the Old Testament. It is worth checking out.


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