Making Up Words … AGAIN!

If you have attended CHBC for any length of time, you know that I “make up” words on a repeated basis. Some individuals have even chosen to keep track of those made-up words, so that they may one day be compiled into a short book of “Kevin-isms.” To be sure, many of these words are not easy to pronounce. For instance: “comfortablity.

I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious about my affinity for making up words … until I found this article (HT: AP). It appears that I am not the only one who has immortalized and popularized words. Thanks to Shakespeare Online, here’s a list of 102 words for which we English-speakers can thank Shakespeare.

Each word links to the text it was first used in. Enjoy…

academe accused addiction advertising amazement
arouse assassination backing bandit bedroom
beached besmirch birthplace blanket bloodstained
barefaced blushing bet bump buzzer
caked cater champion circumstantial cold-blooded
compromise courtship countless critic dauntless
dawn deafening discontent dishearten drugged
dwindle epileptic equivocal elbow excitement
exposure eyeball fashionable fixture flawed
frugal generous gloomy gossip green-eyed
gust hint hobnob hurried impede
impartial invulnerable jaded label lackluster
laughable lonely lower luggage lustrous
madcap majestic marketable metamorphize mimic
monumental moonbeam mountaineer negotiate noiseless
obscene obsequiously ode olympian outbreak
panders pedant premeditated puking radiance
rant remorseless savagery scuffle secure
skim milk submerge summit swagger torture
tranquil undress unreal varied vaulting
worthless zany

And I have already anticipated the comments that will come having compared myself to William Shakespeare. The comments will sound something like, “Kevin, I served with William Shakespeare, I knew William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare was my friend. Kevin, you are no William Shakespeare.” (Prolonged shouts and applause)


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