Friends Or Foes? Church and Parachurch

9Marks most recent eJournal was just released. If you do not already subscribe to the eJournal … you should. Click here to subscribe. This March-April edition address the issue of church and parachurch relations.

Editor’s Note: Jonathan Leeman

Are the church and parachurch friends or foes?

The short answer is, they can be either. Healthy and accountable parachurch ministries strengthen local churches. Undiscerning and unaccountable parachurch ministries undermine them.

The question we’d like to pose to you, if you’re a leader in a church or a parachurch, is whether you know what makes the difference.

Every author in this eJournal is a fan of parachurch ministries. A majority of us work for one! But the first order of business is determining what’s unique about each and how the two should relate to one another. Mack Stiles, Carl Trueman, and Aaron Menikoff help us answer these questions by establishing a vision.

Next, we need some practical advice for both the parachurch worker and the church leader on how to pursue a wise and fruitful partnership. Byron Straughn addresses the parachurch worker, Andy Johnson and Jeramie Rinne the church leader, D. A. Carson and I everyone.

What’s the ideal partnership? It’s one where the parachurch exists to protect the local church, says Mack Stiles. It pursues its good agenda thereby enabling the church to focus on its unique Christ-given mission. In Jeramie Rinne’s words, it’s one where the parachurch gives church members a venue for fulfilling all the godly ambitions that godly preaching inspires within them.

Here are a few, but not all of the articles, that might pique your interest.

Nine Marks of a Healthy Parachurch Ministry

By J. Mack Stiles

A longtime parachurch veteran lays out nine things that should keep a parachurch ministry faithful to the gospel. Read more >

How Parachurch Ministries Go Off the Rails

By Carl Trueman

Parachurch ministries often go wrong because they sideline important doctrines and lack proper accountability. Read more >

For the Church: Which Parachurch Ministries Should You Support?

By Andy Johnson

Pastors are flooded with requests for parachurch support. Here are a few principles to help you decide whom to get behind. Read more >

Praying for Parachurch Ministries

By D.A. Carson

A seasoned saint, scholar, and parachurch leader offers six reflections on praying for parachurch ministries.Read more >

How Church Discipline Will Save the Parachurch

By Jonathan Leeman

Imagine what the evangelical landscape would look like if local churches did more to correct sin. Might the landscape become crowded with healthy parachurch ministries? Read more >

And don’t forget to check out the book reviews.


One Response to “Friends Or Foes? Church and Parachurch”

  1. Forrest Says:

    Very interesting, I have often had questions about the parachurch/church relationship.

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