The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of MarkAs we (CHBC) embark on our sermon series through the Gospel of Mark, I thought an outline would be helpful for us to grasp the flow of the narrative.

The plot of Mark’s Gospel is often understood (after the prologue verses 1-13) as consisting of three main stages that are focused on three geographical locations. Thus, it would be appropriate to read Mark’s Gospel as ‘A Drama in Three Acts.’ This is not to say that Mark designed his Gospel in this way. It seems clear that Mark did not write his text in sections, but rather as a single flowing narrative. We need to keep this in mind as we observe the following outline of the Gospel of Mark.

1:1                   The Heading

1:2-13             The Prologue: Setting the Scene

1:14-8:21        Act One: Galilee

1:14-15            Introduction: The Essential Message of Jesus

1:16-20            The Formation of the ‘Jesus Circle’

1:21-39            Preaching and Healing: General Impression

(A Day in Capernaum)

1:40-3:6           Controversial Aspects of Jesus’ Ministry

3:7-12              Wide Recognition of Jesus’ Authority to Heal

3:13-35            Varying Responses to Jesus: Supporters and Opponents

4:1-34             Explanatory discourse: The Paradox of the

Kingdom of God

4:35-5:43         Further Revelations of Jesus’ Unique Authority

6:1-6                Not Everyone Is Impressed by Jesus

6:7-30              Jesus’ Mission Extended through the Disciples

6:31-56            A Sequence of Miracles around the Lake:

Who Is Jesus?

7:1-23              A Foretaste of Confrontation in Jerusalem:

The Issue of Purity

7:24-8:10         The Mission Extended to Neighboring Peoples

8:11-21            Summary So Far: Both Opponents and Supporters

Still Have a Lot to Learn


8:22-10:52      Act Two: On the Way to Jerusalem 

(Learning about the Cross)

8:22-26            First Healing of a Blind Man

8:27-9:13         Learning to Recognize Jesus

9:14-29            Success and Failure in Exorcism

9:30-50            More Lessons about the Way of the Cross

10:1-31            The Revolutionary Values of the Kingdom of God

10:32-45          Following Jesus in the Way of the Cross

10:45-52          Second Healing of a Blind Man


11:1-16:8        Act Three: Jerusalem

11:1-25            Throwing Down the Gauntlet

11:27-13:2       Confrontation with the Jerusalem Establishment

13:3-35           Explanatory discourse: The End of the Old Order

14:1-11            Setting the Scene for the Passion

14:12-42          Last Hours with the Disciples

14:43-15:15     The Arrest and Trials of Jesus

15:16-47          The Crucifixion, Death, and Burial of Jesus

16:1-8              The Empty Tomb

(Outline reproduced from The International Greek Testament Commentary: The Gospel of Mark by R.T. France pg. 13-14)


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