About Me:

My name is Kevin Wilkening.  I graduated from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, in 1995. While in college I was a part-time Youth Pastor for two years in northeast Pennsylvania, and upon graduation went to the inner-city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to work as a Youth Pastor.

I met my beautiful and loving wife in Grand Rapids and was married to Maria on August 16, 1997.  We now have four children: Sidney Ann, Zoe Grace, Janae Joy, and Cade Michael.

After serving for nearly seven years in Grand Rapids we moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa, in December 2001, to be the College and Worship Pastor at Cedar Heights Baptist Church. After serving in this capacity for two and a half years the church called us to be their Senior Pastor.

I completed my Masters of Arts in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Contemporary Culture from Covenant Theological Seminary and the Francis Schaeffer Institute in 2012.

My hobbies include: studying theology and philosophy, riding motorcycles, summer and winter sports, and reading at coffee houses.

About This Blog:

If wisdom (putting knowledge into practice) is the goal of all our collection of information and knowledge, then this means that the information I publish to this digital world will look slightly different as well. It means that this blog will not be aimed at publishing for the masses. Rather, it will be aimed at encouraging the relationships closest to me; namely, my family and Christ’s church that meets at the building located at 2430 Neola Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613; Cedar Heights Baptist Church.

It means that meeting with people (both believers and unbelievers) will take priority over digitally publishing thoughts about meeting with people. It means that helping others will take priority over writing about helping others. May God be pleased to grant me grace to live undistracted for His glory!

Oh God, My Exceeding Joy,

Singing thy praises uplifts my heart, for thou art a fountain of delight, and dost bless the soul that joys in thee.

Because of my hearts rebellion I cannot always praise thee as I ought; Yet I will at all times rest myself in thy excellences, goodness, and loving-kindness.

Thou art in Jesus the object of inexpressible joy, and I take exceeding pleasure in the thought of thee.

But Lord, I am sometimes thy enemy; my nature revolts and wanders from thee.

Though thou hast renewed me, yet evil corruptions urge me still to oppose thee.

Help me to extol thee with entire heart-submission, to be diligent in self-examination, to ask myself whether I am truly born again, whether my spirit is the spirit of thy children, whether my griefs are those that tear repenting hearts, whether my joys are the joys of faith, whether my confidence in Christ works by love and purifies the soul.

Give me the sweet results of faith, in my secret character, and in my public life.

Cast cords of love around my heart, then hold me and never let me go.

May the Savior’s wounds sway me more tan the scepter of princes.

Let me love thee in a love that covers and swallows up all, that I may not violate my chaste union with the beloved; there is much unconquered territory in my nature, scourge out the buyers and sellers of my soul’s temple, and give me in return pure desires, and longings after perfect holiness.

A Puritan Prayer from “The Valley of Vision” pg. 344. 


One Response to “About”

  1. Kevin, found your resources on apocalyptic literature informative. Knew many but unfamiliar with some. I was in GR for a number of years and graduated from GRBS, now GRS, in 1990. Grace and Peace, David

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